Dinner Menu

Our Dinner Menu for Thursday July 28th BYOB

Now open for Dinner on Friday Nights. House specials plus some of our most popular menu items. Stop by for some of our homemade desserts and coffee drinks as well. BYOB


Fresh and homemade.

Chicken Chipotle Empanadas$9.95

seasoned spiced roasted chicken with cheddar stuffed inside a crisp hand made fried dough

Goat Cheese, Fresh Peach, and Proscuitto Flatbread$11.95

Creamy goat cheese with fresh grilled peaches, and proscuitto on grilled flatbread with toasted almonds and raspberry jam

Heirloom Tomato and Caramelized Onion Pie$8.95

topped with melted pecorino and fontina and baked into our flaky pastry crust

Pork Carnitas & Pepperjack Nachos with Bacon Guacamole$11.95

topped with black beans, sour cream, and crisp bacon guacamole

Pork Tamale with Masa and Fried Egg$7.95

Authentic costa rican tamale with masa and rice

Wedge Salad with Crisp Bacon$8.95

topped with crumbled bleu cheese, candied walnuts,  and our homemade buttermilk dressing


Fresh and homemade.

Lobster, Shrimp & Bacon Mac and Cheese$15.95

butter poached lobster with garlic roasted shrimp and crisp bacon tossed with creamy mac and cheese